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You don't have to choose between a beautiful lawn and protecting the environment!

Care for your lawn responsibly. It makes more of these guys (crabs) to enjoy with butter.

Organic Lawn Care Richmond, VA!

Did you know that by taking good care of your lawn you are also protecting the Chesapeake Bay?

It's true.

The chemicals used in traditional lawn care services damages soil so your grass cannot properly absorb nutrients. Excess chemicals run off the soil and into your local water supply, where they eventually make their way into the Chesapeake Bay. Sadly, over time, the health of the Chesapeake Bay has reached historically low levels.

With OrganiCare's responsible lawn management practices, you don't have to choose between a beautiful lawn and protecting the environment - you can do both. That's the OrganiCare way.

Organic lawn care begins with healthy soil and ends with a beautiful lawn you'll enjoy for years to come.

Our Services

OrganiCare offers lawn care services - with or without pest management - to homeowners in central Virginia.

Landscape Maintenance Services:

All these lawn services are offered when the client contracts OrganiCare to do the lawn care program on their property.

House with sloping, healthy lawn

Did you Know?

More than 100,000 rivers and streams from a six state area feed the Chesapeake Bay. Richmond and Mechanicsville areas are just a few feet away from a direct connection to the Bay.

The Chesapeake Bay is home more than 3,600 species, including Virginia's beloved Blue Crab.