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You don't have to choose between a beautiful lawn and protecting the environment!

Our Lawn Care Program

  • OrganiCare will treat your soil five times per year with organic, plant-based foods produced from clean, renewable resources.
  • Our fertilizers are chock full of friendly bacteria and microorganism that release nutrients into the soil. We break your lawn's dependency on chemicals.
  • OrganiCare also uses a blended application approach, combining traditional organic products with liquid fertilizers, which reduces the amount of fertilizer needed and minimizes environmental impact.
  • Homeowners can select the Good Sense Lawn Management service with or without Integrated Pest Management.
  • The only real pest is the Japanese beetle grub. They eat the roots of the plant in the spring and fall. This is a treat as needed program. Just because you have grubs, does not mean you need to treat to control them. It depends on the population in a square foot of turf. 6-8 per sq. foot you need to treat.

Good Sense Lawn Management Program

Virginia is considered a transition zone for grass. As any suburban homeowner can attest, it's a challenge to grow a beautiful lawn in central Virginia!

OrganiCare's multi-step Good Sense Lawn Management Program is designed around the soil unique to the Richmond area.

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The Good Sense Lawn Management Program
is approved by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation.

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OrganiCare is licensed and certified as a Pesticide Applicator by the Virginia Departmentof Agriculture.