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You don't have to choose between a beautiful lawn and protecting the environment!

The OrganiCare Difference

What sets us apart from traditional lawn care companies are our soil testing process, the products we use and the way we apply treatment.

We start by building up the soil so it can support healthy grass that is resistant to disease and pests. Before we can do this, OrganiCare takes multiple soil samples so we can assessment your total lawn and make recommendations reflect factors, such as shade, that may affect your soil.

After initial soil testing and treatment, OrganiCare then treats your lawn five times each year. We only use environmentally friendly and organic-based products. OrganiCare's application techniques slowly release nutrients into the soil so plants can absorb them. Since there is little unused fertilizer, there's no excess to run off the soil into our local water supply and eventually into the Chesapeake Bay.

OrganiCare's Good Sense Lawn Management Program will sustain and nourish your lawn year after year.

Healthy Turfgass Protects Virginia’s Waters

"Pollutants carried in water and on sediments threaten Virginia's waterways. University research confirms that a healthy, vigorous stand of turfgrass is second only to a forest soil in retaining nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus as well as other environmental pollutants. Research also shows that judicious applications of fertilizer actually help turfgrass to do a better job of filtering pollutants than lawns that are not fertilized..."

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Landscape Maintenance Services:

All these lawn services are offered when you contract OrganiCare to do the lawn care program on your property.

House with green lawn in the autumn
House on the water with beautiful lawn

Did you Know?

Grass needs nitrogen to grow. Too little nitrogen produces grass that lacks vigor and color. Too much reduces its tolerance to drought and susceptibility to disease.